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Meet the Cast and Crew!



Gina Hampton

You wouldn't believe that I was an introvert and an "All to myself kind of Girl" when younger. Deep down, I always knew, therein; lied an Entertainer. My mother introduced me to a stage doing talent shows and the passion for the performing arts never left. I even contempletated becoming an NBC News Anchor, but I loved music, dance, singing and theater! I couldn't stop tapping my feet! I've had training and schooling on multiple levels in the Entertainment Industry.


I choreograph all shows that serve with a purpose that has depth and meaning and are for lives touched by Cancer and The United States Armed Forces. Not only do my students learn, but they also make a difference, one show at a time.


Watching my students perform is the best feeling ever and I wouldn't change a thing. Everyone deserves a chance to try something new, I'm proud of them all. This year, I'm humbled to announce my 20 year Anniversary! I look forward to what lies ahead. A tip of the hat, I thank all my students, supporters and sponsors for watching the growth and helping the mission to carry on. Many Thanks, Ms G


Chris Hampton

Hi my name is Chris and I'm Ms G's hubby. I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. I got into ballroom dancing about 14 years ago. I enjoy dancing in a different manor than what you might typically see today.  It's a great feeling to be able to share this with others, and to bring happiness to them.


Emory Franklin

Hi, my name is Emory Franklin. After many years of working in various industries (US Army, trucking, food, mental health, and financial services), I am enjoying retired life. I live in LeClaire with my wife and two fur-kids. We enjoy boating on the Mississippi, an occasional round of golf, and entertaining friends and family. I love the arts and music. I have been in numerous choirs and productions such as Rocky Horror Picture Show over the years. My favorite holiday is Halloween when I can dress up and role play just about any character. I also enjoy volunteering with the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) to honor and respect our nation's veterans. It was through the PGR's involvement in this year's holiday show that I became acquainted with QC Sparkle and Ms G. That experience reignited my passion for the theater, and I am happy for the opportunity to be singing, dancing, and performing once again.


Keela M. Nichols

I’m Keela M Nichols, I’m 18 and a Senior at Pleasant Valley High School. I was adopted 16 years ago with my brother, I have two children older siblings and two younger.My interests are music and drawing. I also like to watch anime and horror movies. I was love to read and bake I went to Cody Elementary and PV Junior High out in county part of LeClaire. I do art and singing at the high school.The career I want to pursue is Cosmetology. The reason for this is because I love the colors and makeup art styles. Along with the prospects area of makeup art.

Kelsey Donahue

Kelsey Donahue is 34 years old and loves music and going to musicals. This is her first chance to try something in those areas. Her neighbor Ms. G has made this happen for her. Ms. G looks past Kelseys disability and wheelchair and sees what she can do, not what she can't. Kelsey ia very excited to be included. Kelsey loves country music, show tunes. bowling, sled hockey, challenger league, playing card games, spending time with friends, watching sports with her Dad, being outdoors and going on walks.

Georgette Mills


Mike Reinhold/DJ Cowboy

I met Ms. Gina in High school, we graduated together and our paths crossed about 5 years ago and then I started working with her husband Chris who's also a dancer and that's all she wrote.  I love to fish, do wood working and spending time with my family, my great niece and soon to be great nephew! I think I figured out the reason for cowboy attitude it's because, I was born at high noon. Hee Haw!


Jeanne Blumer

Hi my name is Jeanne Blumer and I'm 36. I've been singing since I was 3. Singing has always been a passion of mine. I'm also passionate about caring for others especially people with disabilities. I used to be a caregiver for one of my best friends. One of my other hobbies is learning sign language. I have a nephew who has Downs Syndrome and he inspired me. I also love to draw and write. I really enjoy singing karaoke too. I met Miss. G through my friend Kelsey Donahue. I went to the holiday show with Kelsey and her mom. I thought the show was so magical, I didn't want it to end.


Kristin Marshall

Kristin met Ms. Gina through a friend who had Ms. G choreograph a dance for her daughter’s wedding. After that, Kristin’s daughter began to dance. Kristin and her daughter have been dancing together for 6 years. Kristin loves dancing and it shows! When she’s not dancing, Kristin loves to spend time with family and friends. She loves the outdoors, and playing some volleyball on a nice day!


Hannah and Alex Durbin

Hi team! My name is Hannah Durbin. I met Gina through Zumba events/classes doing something we both love - dancing! My full-time job has been marketing since 2015. When I'm not at work, I love to keep active: running, swimming, golf, dance, yoga - you name it! A few weeks ago I completed my very 1st triathlon. I was honored to have had Gina choreograph our 1st dance last year when we got married – Alex & I look forward to helping the team realize their dreams in the new location!

Michael Profile.jpeg

Michael Callahan

I’m Georgette Mills, 47, I am a wife to Ken, mother to 3 boys, step mom to 4, grandma (by marriage) to 3, and soon to be grandma to 1 (by blood) grandchild and I relocated to Dubuque from the QCA area just over 3 years ago. In my free time, I love creating artistic things and run a craft business with my husband on the side. We are dog lovers and have several fur babies, including a Shihtzu, English bulldog and Great Dane. Music and theater have always been a major part of my life from childhood on up. Music transforms me from the soft spoken Human Resource professional during the day to an expressive performer whenever possible. I am returning to perform with the QC Sparkle team after performing in a couple local Dubuque musical productions, singing in various choirs and taking private vocal lessons.

Greg Graf

Greg Graf : 62 years old and happily married. At this time, between the two of them there are 22 grandchildren. He loves to sing and perform. Hobbies consist of wood working and nature walk with his wife. He has performed with local theater groups and sung at numerous places across the country.

Verdon Oldenburg aka Fritz

The coolest and friendliest man. He has served QC Sparkle with the Patriot Guard Riders and has taken on performing in our tribute shows were happy He's on our team family.

Michael Callahan has spent over 30 years performing on stage in the region in shows that include opera, musical theater, Shakespeare, Greek theater and even stand-up comedy. Michael is also a voice teacher, composer, published author and published photographer. His most recent work, “Aaron Power: The Musical” was received warmly this past spring in its World Premiere in Rock Island, IL. Mr. Callahan is also the longtime Music Director at Bethel Wesley United Methodist Church and will celebrate 10 years as the front-line Music Director of “the Chordbusters” Barbershop Chorus of Davenport, IA in 2023. Michael will soon be taking over as President of Aaron Power Musical Resources a non-profit that will be producing workshops to get people writing musicals ad also looking at producing major local and diverse works for the Musical Theater stage. Michael does all this with the support of his wife, children and many pets at their house in Moline, Il and their land out in Hillsdale, IL. Michael is excited to join the QC Sparkle, Inc. Team and expand his repertoire to their exciting shows.


Colleen Ormsbee

Colleen met Ms. Gina through Ms. Gina’s mother. She knew her for years and she often invited Colleen to Ms. Gina’s performances. She then started coming to the studio to help and has been helping out for a number of years now. Colleen likes to chaperone the Shows because she knows all of the dancers and has fun with it. She enjoys meeting different people and hearing their stories.


Bradley and Samikay Hampton

Stacey Middlemiss

Stacey prepares the students for the order of performances and makes sure there is a smooth transition from one piece to another.

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